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Big Value
on a Small Budget

Tior Life is a small white label ticketing company that aims to provide its clients with a seamless ticketing experience at an affordable price. Our service fee is passed onto your ticket holders.


The key advantage of choosing Tior Life is its

We offer our services at even lower rates than our competitors. As part of our commitment to your convenience, we set up a white labeling portal matching your branding. Plus event organizers can receive their ticket revenue directly in their bank accounts.

We take care of all aspects of white label ticketing:

  • portal setup,
  • design elements : uploading images, logos, videos, and ticketing flyers.
  • Handle All customer service, chargebacks and refund issues.

Our Services

No hidden fees – Tior Life's fee goes straight to the customers
Comprehensive suite of services including portal setup, flyer design,
social media marketing, and video production

St. Michaels Brewfest Tix Port, Tior Life

White Label Ticketing

Tior Life sets up the White Label Ticketing Portal which seamless integration of the ticketing platform with organizer's website. We customized the portal design to match organizer's branding and theme. We upload all images, logo, and video to ensure a visually appealing portal. Say goodbye to generic templates and hello to a customized, eye-catching design!

Communications, Tior Life


Tior Life, we specialize in communications for small or medium events, ensuring you receive dedicated and personalized services. We handle various customer service inquiries, including chargeback and refund situations. We provide weekly reports on sales, allowing you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

Dulaney High School Reunion Social Media Ad


Tior Life will craft three captivating social media posts, tailored to promote your event. Additionally, develop a dynamic video / reel, further enhancing the visibility of your event. An eye-catching ticketing flyer, which will be posted on the ticketing portal page, as well as utilized digitally or in print.

Tior Life, Front Gate Management

Onsite Management

Tior Life takes care of everything, from cash management staffing cashiers and scanners. We also do a site check and map out the front gate flow, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry. Front gate operations will be professionally managed, allowing you to focus on what matters most - the success of your event. *additional fee

Why Tior Life?

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Seamless Ticketing. Get Started!

With our low fees passed on to customers, we’re the perfect choice for event organizers seeking seamless design services.

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