Our Ticket Fees

Our Ticket Fees

Ticket Fees:

There are many variations of ticketing platform out in the universe. Tior Life isn’t looking to become “Ticketmaster” or even “Eventbrite”.
The number of clients we have is maintained to a minimum. We can concentrate on your event. We want to make sure you are knowledgeable about every option available to you during the ticketing process. You are not simply “an account” in our CRM. You are a Person in our eyes.

Now Let’s Talk Money

We charge $3.25 per ticket. As we said above. Keeping everything “Simple” We don’t play around with some 3.7% + $1.00. Let’ be truthful here about Merchant Account Charges. There isn’t anything can really do but I think we have a pretty fair % from our merchant company. The fee will be 2.9% +.30 Ticket
Now what do you get from us which you will not recive from other ticketing platforms. Well. ALOT>

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