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Where Do I Find My Ticket Holder Account?

Go to the Event/ Festival Page you selected and Purchased Ticket for. In the upper right Hand Corner you will see a Power Icon. Click on it and a sign in dropdown will appear.


Your Ticket Holder Account

The Ticket Holder Account is an essential tool that offers an array of features to enhance your event experience.  On the Main page, you will find a complete overview of all the tickets you have acquired for the event, enables you to seamlessly Transfer Tickets, Upgrade Ticket Types,  Print or View Your Ticket(s) and Receipt, with a simple click of a button.


How Do I Transfer My Ticket(s)?

Absolutely! Good news – transferring your ticket(s) to someone else is a breeze! It’s a simple and straightforward process that only takes a few clicks. Once you initiate the transfer, the lucky recipient will receive an email containing a unique code. This code is what officially designates them as the new Ticket Holder. And don’t worry, you’ll easily be able to keep track of the transfer in your own Ticket Holder Account. So go ahead and share the joy of the event experience with your friends or family – transferring tickets has never been easier!


Understand Your Confirmation Page

It’s super handy for a bunch of reasons. To start off, be sure to bookmark that link, so you can easily find it whenever you need it. ou’ve got the option to either print or view your eTicket(s) and eReceipt. Don’t forget about that awesome QR code on the receipt, perfect for quick scanning! Oh, and keep an eye out for your order number too – it’s right there on the page. Lastly, the event may have sneaked in some important details, so give it a good read.


How Can I Upgrade my Ticket(s)

Upgrading your event ticket(s) couldn’t be easier! With just a few clicks, you can elevate your ticket type for a more enhanced experience. Whether you’re looking for better seating, VIP access, or added perks, upgrading is a breeze!  From your Ticket Holder Account, locate the “Upgrade Ticket” option and select the desired ticket type. With a few more clicks, your upgrade will be complete, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits that come with your new ticket.


I Don’t See My Ticket(s) in my Email Carrier

Please Look in Several different folders depending which Email Carrier you use.
Google Mail : Check Promotions Tab
All Others Email Carriers Select: “All Mail”.
Search For theEvent Name/Site who you purchased tickets from.
Make sure you ADD the email address to your Contacts to making sure you will receive the email(s) from your event.

Refunds & Exchanges

Terms & Conditions
You acknowledge that all sales are final when you checked the box prior to purchasing.  There are NO REFUNDS.

By placing your order;
you accepted the terms & conditions for the event/festival your purchased tickets for. 
If “Event / Festival” is postponed, Tior Life & Event will contact you with the New Date and Time.

All Purchased Tickets will be Honored on NEW DATE;
Unless Otherwise Announced.
  • All Event personnel have the right to refuse entry to any ticket holder for any reason at their discretion.
  • Venue and Talent are subject to change without notice and are not grounds for a refund.
  • Anything promised by the promoter that is unfulfilled is not guaranteed by the seller and is not grounds for a refund.

How Long does the delivery take?

It usually 3 sec -5 mins for your eTickets(s) to be delivered to your email. But you will see your ticket and eReceipt after payment on the Confirmation Page


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To unsubscribe, please allow us some time to process your request. It may take up to 24-48 hours for our system to update the changes.


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