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The Rise of QR Codes in Event Planning

This innovative feature offers endless possibilities
to enhance your event experience.

Becoming increasingly important for Events & Festivals in recent years. These are a hit because it gives the attendee instant access to important details like vendor and band info, as well as the the location the vendor or band is.

The best part about QR codes is that they ensure attendees always have event details right at their fingertips, so no need to worry about losing a physical pamphlet.

With just a quick scan on your phone or tablet screen, you can access all the info you need for a smooth event experience. This modern event organization approach has really upped the game for both organizers and attendees!

With the QR Code link, taking your event to the next level has never been easier or more engaging!

Better Yet! You have the opportunity to Upsell to your Vendors, Bands, and Sponsors. A great new opportunity to delve deeper into each offerings through personalized popup pages.

Immerse your guests in a world of information by showcasing detailed descriptions of products, services, or performances. You have the flexibility to further enhance the experience by incorporating custom links for vendors and performers. 

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